Subtitle: JobFox has a customer service manager?

I am not a vindictive person, despite being ignored. But I have 2 reasons to go down the path of documenting my disappointment in JobFox's lack of response when I tell them that they are spamming me:

First, I work in the tech industry and I understand marketing. And I know that ignoring customers (or future customers) results in the worst, worst, worst kind of word of mouth. Life has changed; customer support isn't all about the call center now and social media takes a situation and boing boing boings it across the online universe.

Second, I've been spammed by JobFox (hey did I mention that already?); receiving applications for positions that I don't have listed. Nothing has changed here, I am still not filling open positions. Been several years now. Couple yucky issues here: 1) sharing personal information of candidates (yikes, not good!), 2) potentially giving candidates info about a position that does not exist 3) Adding to the chaos that is my inbox and 4) Some kind of systems issue because I have not signed up to receive mails from JobFox. I'm sure that I can think of more. So my actual second reason for writing this post is to see if JobFox will respond to complaints that they see on blogs because clearly they do not respond to emails or comments on blogs owned by JobFox. I'm not great at sending smoke signals. And really, should someone have to work this hard to stop the spam? Especially when someone told me they would take care of it (yes, one email was answered long ago and the gal that said she would take care of it never responded back when I let her know it was still happening).

Am I frustrated? You bet your bippy. Not just because of the spam, but also because this sets a horrible example in our industry. If job applicants don't feel their information is treated with care and that the positions that they are applying for are real ones, what does that say about the industry as a whole? Are we guilty by association? Candidates deserve better.

Why should it be so hard to reach someone to take care of this? If someone posted something like this to my blog, I would get the information and send it to someone that could take care of it pronto. Anyone who has shared feedback like this with me knows it's true. If you aren't going to be responsive, your blog is just a slapdash marketing page. And what is the point?

This also makes me wonder about JobFox's social media network (yeah, they seem to be involved in the space, yet all of my complains on my Facebook status have resulted in nada).Has the word not gotten back to them or do they not care?

So, there is certainly a reputation management situation here that should be addressed by JobFox. In these times, disgruntlings like me should be adressed, and quickly. So posting on my blog is my next best effort. I didn't want to. And really, this is not a "do you know who I am?" thing because even I don't care who I am, it's irrelevant and I still think I have about ten blog readers and the system that tracks our stats mistakenly started adding some zeroes to stuff. What I am doing here is trying to get the situation remedied, show JobFox that they really should answer emails and blogs, and testing the power of social media (again...remember Alaska Airlines and T3 Blow Dryers? We have been here before). And frankly, it's an opportunity for JobFox to save a little face here with a response.

Hey Jobfox, whatcha gonna do for me?