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Exploring the fine line between clever and stupid. Heather Hamilton is a Staffing Manager and Microsoft Employee Evangelist.

September, 2009

  • One Louder

    Sometimes, when something looks like a fizzy scoop, it totally isn't.

    I'm still restricting my viewing of news. More often than not, I want the time back. Weather report, please, but hold those personal interest stories; which stations/networks seem to have increased to water down the newsy proof that we are all going to...
  • One Louder

    Resume clutter...ditch it!

    This came up in a webinar I participated in this morning (will link to recording when I get it...have fun counting all the times I said "I think"): the length and content of a resume. Tiffany at Unclutterer wrote a nice short piece that I could not agree...
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