This came up in a webinar I participated in this morning (will link to recording when I get it...have fun counting all the times I said "I think"): the length and content of a resume. Tiffany at Unclutterer wrote a nice short piece that I could not agree with more.

"Your résumé should be exactly as long as you need to describe it, and no longer." Word. Stupid rules have been messing with peoples' heads long enough. Unfortunately, some of those stupid rules appear in the comments section of her post. Caution.

Anyway, if you are in the job hunt process, or even if you aren't, take peek at what Tiffany has to say and file it away somewhere for future reference. Hey, put it in the same folder that you keep your resume in. See why I am obsessive-compulsive enough to keep up on the happenings at Unclutterer? It's like sweet buttery blog crack.

Any questions on the "rules", post them here (anonymous is OK). Usually, we will get some additional recruiter-folk to stop in and add come color to the conversation.