OK, running officianados...I'm doing a 5K in about an hour. It's being held on campus for our giving campaign. I generally like the anonymity of running in a big crowd, but running at work? Not quite enough anonymity for me. I bump into people all the time. I've changed my hair color so that should throw people off.

I've been exceeding 5K (3.2 miles) on the treadmill (doing twice that), but have only done a few 5Ks recently with hills. I hate hills. And part of the route today is trail running. Someone said something about a big hill. If I don't come back and comment on this post, please send someone out to look for me. I'll be in the woods still trying to catch my breath. This will be good for me. The distance won't be a challenge but the setting and route will. Yippee and yikes!