"Wow" doesn't cut it for me. "Wow" is what I say if a lady yells at her kids in public. Or if I see one more person wear brown Uggs with black leggings (so many kinds of wrong). Or 10% off of whatever. Yeah, wow. So when it comes to the Windows 7 awesomeness, I like "Shazam!" better.

So first of all, this is to all you folks that want to know about the specific awesomeness of Windows 7, especially any that are currently lobbying me to get them a copy. Have you no shame, people? Because you don't get it for free. You have to pay me in shame. Get crackin'.

Anyway, I installed Win 7 a couple weeks ago and in my normal fashion (wait, that comes with instructions? who reads instructions?), I went on my merry way. Totally merry. And I didn't do any "getting started with..." shizz. I'm a busy lady. Ya hear? So aside from the shiny awesomeness I can see and feel, I know that there's more there. So it would be totally helpful if there was a chairman of awesomeness that could break it down for me, like Hammer style. So it can get awesomer and awesomer.

This shows up in Fast Company (big ups for the much improved content, my FC friends). Some of this I knew about and some I didn't. I mean, come on, Aero Shake? Who doesn't want to shake their open application windows closed? I always tend to like the hidden features where you think "how the heck would I have known about that?" And also, who doesn't love shaking?

I'll keep digging in and finding more cool stuff in here to share with you guys as the digital trip progresses (seriously, wait til you see the desktop art and then tell me you don't understand why we don't drug test...oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that).