Once upon a time, Microsoft employees got t-shirts. Many, many t-shirts. It got old, as things are wont to do. Seems that Moore's law applies to tech company swag as well. Because in much less time, I've gotten sick of stickers. Arghthestickerspleasemakeitstop. Everything is not a sticker opportunity. And where the hell am I supposed to put all of these stickers where funny sayings are replaced by Microsoft product names? On my car? Are you kidding me? (I am just not a bumper sticker kind of a person)

Every time I go to my work mailbox, I get a sticker. In the last week, I have received 4. If I am going to get marketing collateral that I am just going to throw away, I would rather it be recyclable.

I'm going to start using them as travel lint brushes. Brilliant.