Have you heard that grunge is coming back? As someone who missed the full-on grunge experience, Seattle-style. I really hope it's coming back. If so, it has some work to do.

Maybe it's about the fashion. As much as I eschew anything with a collar (check it, friends....when was the last time you saw me in anything with a collar?), I love those cuddly flannels. I admit it, I totally "get" grunge. The messy hair? Not a problem for me. Wearing super-comfy clothes? OK, and?

Other than the economy (haha..."other than"...), and my own lack of personal direction, I didn't find anything patently wrong with the early nineties. But I did feel that the grunge perspective certainly matched my "this is BS" feelings at the time; not to the point that I decided to be stinky. But as a place in time, it matched a time in my life and they just kind of fit.

Anyway, if grunge is coming back in terms of fashion, I'm totally in. Well, not totally, but I can rock a little anti-establishment couture. If it's back from a cultural standpoint, and I can settle into it a bit, it's gonna be a moody snark-fest around here.

So is it just me? Or is anyone else kind of feel good about the idea of it coming back? Or has Courtney Love just ruined it forever?