So it seems that in-flight magazines are the cockroaches of publication. Oh, only in their ability to survive the print-edition apocalypse (speaking of which, what is going on with Cher?).

But what happens when more carriers offer wireless interwebs connectivity? And that captive audience is suddenly tracking their fantasy football teams and viewing videos that should not be viewable by any of the passengers in the cabin behind them. If you know what I mean. Not so captive now, are we?

And what of this swine flu business? I can't be the only person that dry heaves a little bit when my hand comes anywhere near the seat back pocket in front of me, where ebola lives along with instructions on securing my own facemask first before helping others with theirs.

I would be the wrong person to ask about publication investments, or really any other investments. But I'm putting my money on the antibacterial body bubble with keyboard friendly gloves.