My attention span is uhm, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. It's short. Short attention.....zzzz. Short attention span. And when it's pushed to it's limits, my ability to engage is hindered. As is my ability to maintain a pleasant facial expression. And posture.

Even when the information is interesting. When I need to listen. When I want to listen. The muscles in my shoulders tighten up. My eyes wander. And the monkey mind is alerted: think of stuff. What's for dinner? What are Twinkies made of?

I can't really ask my team to accommodate my attention span with shorter, punchier meetings. Over several days. With lattes. And dancing gnomes.

I need help. And I am not asking for the sake of bloggy conversation. I'm seriously asking: WTH is a girl to do? I'm gonna stand up right now. And then I am going to come back and check my blog comments every 15 minutes (right, monkey? Will that do it?).

Any good idea of what to do during a day full of meetings to stay engaged?