Yeah, we all know a bunch of Goog's went to AOL. Old news. And although you can say that the Google PR machine may have spun up some mystique around their interview processes (Huh, who? Puzzle questions? Weren't we, like discussing those before there was a Google?), even promoting the use of GPAs as a screening criteria (I still say it's crap), it totally does not work for AOL. Not even a little.

You kind of need to take your employment brand into account when subjecting candidates to objectionable hiring practices like making them wait a month while you send their feedback to the CEO for a rubber stamp. Or, you can dispense with the bad practices and empower your employees to make hiring decisions.

If I didn't know better, I may think that GPA-obsessed geeks are assumed to not have the social skills to interview candidates well. Which begs the question: what the fark is an "ambassador" and why do you let them talk to people?