What am I missing here?

1) HP investigates a sexual harassment claim that they found to be without merit.

2) HP looks into Hurd's record and finds that there were potentially fraudulent expense reports, but they can't say whether Hurd submitted them or someone did on his behalf.

3) Instead of setting the record straight and firing him, the board freaks out, gives him $12 million and then focuses on the PR fall-out.

Although technically there is no due-process here, it appears to me that he was forced out without a provable reason. Whether he did any of those things is, unfortunately, beside the point. Oh, how I wish that Hurd had opted to hire a lawyer instead of take the payment, and totally call their bluff. And I wish I was a lawyer. I would totally want a piece of that action.

Or...we are about to find out what this is all really about. Because this isn't sitting right with me. Who's with me?

(And I am begging the media...begging!...please don't make me listen to Gloria Allred's voice again!)