We have several speaker series' here at Microsoft. In the past few weeks, I have seen Pete Carroll and Jeffrey Ma speak. Now, I love me some Pete Carroll (love him or hate him, it's still an obsession). But I have to say that Jeffrey Ma's is the session that really excited me the most (and not just because my brain has a big nerdy crush on his brain).

Many of you have seen this I am sure:

Or read this (as I did):



But to  truly experience the blend of blackjack, sports, business, and nerdery? That's what this is about...well, for someone like me. You understand me, right? So, I haven't read this yet (note: when did I absorb the Microsoftie tendency to needlessly start a sentence with "so"?). So.... I usually find business books super sleep inducing. But this one, I'm going to get.  Anyone read it yet?