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Exploring the fine line between clever and stupid. Heather Hamilton is a Staffing Manager and Microsoft Employee Evangelist.

October, 2010

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    Marie Antoinette?

    Oh, no, Eric Schmidt. Here we go again. First you are supposed to change your name to cover your social media tracks. Then, if you don't like being photographed in an unflattering sweater, you should just move. Stop saying dumb stuff. I think...
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    And this is South Lake Union!

    Catching up on some blogging today (as if it were paperwork) (OK, I wrote part of this last week and put off finishing). My head has been full of other stuff going on (some good and some eh) and now that the din has subsided a bit, I'm purging some stuff...
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    Tell me if this is ironic, unfortunate or if I am totally nuts

    Evidence: this FastCompany story on darlings of social media . Give it a gander. The effect is better if you read it; in which case you will notice what I do. This story has not been formatted for viewing on the web. Commentary on one of the superstars...
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    Product subcategory differentiation and whether it really matters: the case of the roll-less TP

    I'm going to talk about toilet paper. Yep. I know that my more faithful readers have been waiting for this. I've written about dog waste , expired cheese , search engine poetry , softball team names , feng shui underpants . These aren't my greatest hits...
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    The person you don't know who changes everything for you

    (OK, forgive any typos or mis-spellings. Spellcheck obviously has more important things to do right now than keep me from making a fool of myself) Did you ever have someone in your life that wouldn't recorgnize you walking down the street, but who...
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    Defeat: It's good for you

    That whole "everyone wins!" philosophy on the pee-wee playing field really rubs me the wrong way. Life is full or defeat. The sooner kids learn this the better; and how to emerge with a little dignity. "Everbody wins" isn't preparing kids, they are getting...
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