That whole "everyone wins!" philosophy on the pee-wee playing field really rubs me the wrong way. Life is full or defeat. The sooner kids learn this the better; and how to emerge with a little dignity. "Everbody wins" isn't preparing kids, they are getting ripped off. They really need this lesson and the resulting personal growth.

Last night my football team lost. We had gotten so accustomed to winning that this new losing thing really stings. And I guess that is kind of my point. Fortunately, I have been gifted with perspective. Not without effort. I guess it's not really a gift as much as it is a skill.

Frequently the d-bags come out the the woodwork to rub it in. I can almost hear the clock ticking. But I have found a way to feel sorry for them. There is something sad about people needing to do this. It's unseemly and makes people look like a fool with self-esteem issues. We shant discuss where those issues come from. I know it's a "sports thing". It's also a "jerk thing".

Anyway, I see the connection between people not letting their kids lose ("Losing is OK, Jimmy. I mean, it's OK with me but your father is really going to think you're a dud. So here's a trophy") and how upset people can get after a rare defeat. I was allowed to lose as a kid but you can kind of forget when you are a Trojan. Uhm, now I remember.