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July, 2011

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    Heather Hamilton has left the building!

    Tomorrow, officially. You know I couldn't leave without saying goodbye, my wonderful, invisible interwebz friends. It's been 12 years of hard work and 7 years of blogging. Seven years! I plan to pick up the blogging again, elsewhere; at least the personal...
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    Nurturing a workplace for creatives...

    This article (or wait, is it a blog post...I'm going with article) kind of trails off into how to manage grown-ups, but the initial premise is something I agree with. If you hire creative people, you need to have a corporate culture that doesn't squeeze...
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    Designing product for women

    (FastCompany: Women Are 85% Of The Consumer Market. But How Do You Reach Them?) The article is interesting, but a little condescending. I am sure it's unintentional and I should point out that the fact that it's written by a woman is beside the point...
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    The moment between photo and video...

    ...the animated .gif. ( Read about it at FastCompany ) There's something beautiful about this; more refined than video, in kind of an emotional way. I think it's that the isolation of the movement is compelling; kind of tells a story. I rarely...
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