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Exploring the fine line between clever and stupid. Heather Hamilton is a Staffing Manager and Microsoft Employee Evangelist.

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    Increasing the odds of getting your resume in front of the hiring manager

    I'm not sure why I haven't recommended this earlier. I guess that we get used to what we need to do in our daily jobs and forget what kind of info might be important to someone who doesn't get to see it from the inside. I have a little tip that might...
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    Help me think of a softball team name

    In June, we are playing MSN's HR team in softball and some of us were trying to think of funny team names. MSN can be something like "the search engines", but since our HR and Staffing team covers so many different corporate functions (ops, HR. finance...
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    Getting a contract position with Microsoft

    Lots of people have asked me about this and I wanted to make sure that I am giving you the right I had to do some research and ask around... Recruiters at Microsoft don't handle contract opportunities...frankly, I probably sound a...
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    Post-interview 'Thank You' notes

    I'm quoted today in a WSJ Careerjournal article on writing thank you notes after an interview (subscription trial offered). Speaking with Sarah about this a few weeks ago made me think about the practice and tips I could offer interviewees...
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    The day of the Microsoft interview.

    Do you ever wonder if all the stories you hear about the “Microsoft interview” are true? Go ahead and type “Microsoft interview” into your search get a lot of results (definitely including pages from 2 of our most...
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    What to do about Counter-offers

    I've spoken with some other recruiters here about the issue of counter-offers; a major pain in the you-know-what for recruiters trying to fill roles. I know you are imagining a number of attractive, sophisticated recruiters discussing this issue over...
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    Marketing Resumes...what recruiters like to see

    My tech recruiting pals Gretchen and Zoe have quite a dialog going on regarding what they like to see on resumes. Some of what I am seeing on their blog applies to marketing resumes, some doesn't. For the most part, a marketing resume is a different animal...
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    Microsoft's Employee Referral Process

    I've had some questions lately about Microsoft's employee referral process; specifically whether it's a good way for potential candidates to get noticed by Microsoft recruiters. The answer is "yes" but let me tell you a little bit more about how it works...
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    Preparing for an interview at Microsoft

    Seen lots of talk lately, about what the Microsoft interview entails (puzzle questions, white board drawings, etc.). My sense is that people are trying to do 2 things: 1) prepare for the interview and 2) control their nerves by knowing what to expect...
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    Job Board tips

    Zoe recently posted on the techjobs blog requesting feedback from people on their use of job boards to find new positions. This post really coincided with some work I am doing mining resumes off of said job boards (yes, we call it mining, 'cause good...
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    What does awesome look like on a resume?

    I met with a Marketing GM, Keith White, and his recruiter, Allison, this week to discuss putting together an invitational recruiting event for their team, which is responsible for outbound (audience) marketing. Usually, when I end up strategizing a recruiting...
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    Shorter hours in software industry

    CNET article here on the reduction in hours worked per week at software development companies . So I have an opinion on this (I know, shocking, isn't it?) that was not explored in the article. Many people who are putting in the big hours are doing so...
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    Resume templates

    It's funny how often people ask for this stuff. A recruiter commented on my post about the one page resume saying that if you used the resume template in Microsoft Word, you have a 75% less chance of being interviewed (grrr, throwing out random, unsubstantiated...
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    Why is the MBA important?

    I got a question from blog reader on the importance of the MBA. It's a great question. Many of our job descriptions list the MBA as "preferred"; some may even list it as a requirement. I'll give you my personal opinion on this. Keep in mind that I...
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    "Mini-me" syndrome...a major hiring risk for companies

    One of the tougher things about recruiting is striking a balance between hiring "the best" and hiring the "mini-me". Recruiters out there know what I am talking about. You go into a hiring manager's office to discuss the specs for a newly opened position...
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    Searching my blog

    A couple of people have contacted me and recommended adding search functionality to my blog. I'm flattered that they feel there is something search-worthy here and am also grateful to people that take the time to help me improve my blog. As you know,...
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    Still doubting that blogs get people hired?

    Then check out what Ernie has to say here . I met Ernie through his blog and he met Jeff via Jeff's blog. And now Ernie works here. How cool is that? Also, Ernie walks you through is interview day experience (mad props to the interview team, especially...
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    From Fortune Magazine: How to Network and Enjoy It

    Anne Fisher writes the workplace page for Fortune Magazine. Career and workplace dilemmas and reader questions are her specialty. Quite often it's about looking for a job (on the same page as the networking article, a reader asks the best way to send...
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    Microsoft providing $3.5 million in tsunami relief

    I had a hard time sleeping last night. OK, I did have a couple glasses of wine (watching Cal lose to Texas Tech will do that to you) and that sometimes makes it hard to sleep. I go to sleep with the TV on at night...otherwise, I hear sounds and make myself...
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    Want me to find your blog resume without the trouble of having to send it to me?

    Link from your blog resume to this post and I'll check out your resume by reviewing my referrals. Pretty stealth, huh? Nobody needs to know except the 2 of us ; )
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    Why the one page resume doesn't work anymore

    I don't remember who ever said a resume should be one page. This statement was probably uttered before I ever started recruiting by a lazy recruiter that didn't like to turn pages (did I just say that out loud?). This was adopted as conventional wisdom...
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    What a non-technical Microsoft employee looks like (alternate title: Heather sees if she can add pictures to blog posts)

    I'm experimenting with adding pictures to my posts. Don't laugh...I told you I wasn't technical! Also, not particularly photogenic but whatever...this is the best I got right now.
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    You never know what you've got until it's gone

    I'm not a big fan of platitudes. Really. Maybe I'm not an "out-of-the-box" thinker (hee!). Anyhoo, the person that said you don't know what you've got until it's gone (or, "you don't LOVE what you've got until it's gone" as Chicago said...yeah I'm a child...
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    Why recruiters don't blog...

    So I presented my blog site yesterday to that group of staffing industry folks. And while I got many comments about how cool it was, I doubt that there will be a bunch of recruiting blogs popping up next week. We talked about how I use my blog to share...
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    Exactly what contact info should I include on my resume?

    Most of the resumes I read contain multiple contact alternatives...e-mail (personal and work), cell phone, home phone, etc., etc. It can be confusing to the recruiters. And frankly, the resume writer just wants to be contacted, right? So here are some...
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