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February, 2005

  • Heath Stewart's blog

    x86 and ia64 and x64, oh my!

    With the .NET Framework 2.0 now supporting 64-bit platforms, I have begun work on upgrading our patch build system to handle 64-bit patches. It's been quite an adventure down the yellow-brick road of 64 bitness that I think is worth sharing. Why does...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    The Differences between Locales and Languages

    In a recent change - while we were still known as Developer Division Sustained Engineering - I addressed a functional change that relied on locales instead of languages for MUI support. I see this mistake a lot in developer forums and so I wanted to address...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    Security Improved...then Destroyed

    Michael Howard - our Sr. Security Program Manager here at Microsoft - blogs about how the improved security features in XP SP2 were effectively destroyed in an article in PC Magazine, " Making Windows XP Start Faster ", by turning off the Automatic Updates...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    Fighting SPAM and HIV

    Microsoft researchers announced on Wednesday that the same technology used to effectively fight SPAM is now being used to fight HIV. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have already given over $1 billion in grants to help fight HIV, TB, and reproductive...
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