We're Hiring

We're Hiring

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The Customer Product-Lifecycle Experience team - part of the Developer Division of Microsoft - is hiring full time software design engineers (SDEs). We're the team responsible for continuing support for products Developer Division has shipped, as well as a few other projects from Microsoft.

We are responsible for not only the patch build system for Developer Division but also for directing other teams to thinking about sustained engineering and patching. If you have experience authoring Windows Installer packages and custom actions, you should know that patching installations isn't always straight-forward. Promoting best practices for teams building installer packages and creating our patch build system is a challenging job.

If you are interested in joining DDCPX, please view the job listing below and submit your resume.

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  • Is there only one development position available on your team, or multiples? We could have a Proplanner 'reunion'. ;-)
  • We're actually hiring several positions for developers to work not only on our patch build system but also other tools to help our customers troubleshoot problems that may occur for any number of reasons.
  • Unfortunately I am weak at writing those custom actions by hand. *sigh*
  • It's actually not to difficult once you've done it once or twice. Quite simply, a handle to the installer (or database, depending on what you're doing) is passed to you and you can use that in your custom action to query tables, feature/component/file states, etc., almost like you'd use a FILE handle in various I/O functions.

    Maybe an article or blog entry would be helpful in this realm.
  • Give it a go, I would read it.
  • Do you think I should release it here as an article (a feature of .Text) or on Code Project where I always have in the past?
  • Since Code Project is rather open on their posting guidelines you could post it in both locations. It doesn't hurt to have the information available in both places.
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