The View near Microsoft

The View near Microsoft

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Working for Microsoft has been a dream since I was very young and now that I'm finally here I love this company even more. I believe in what we're doing and in the ways we help people. I think it's great we have such an energetic CEO, and I love Microsoft's commitment in improving our products and listening and working more with our customers.

One other reason I really like working here is because of views like this. Mt. Rainier — at approximately 14,400 feet — is visible almost anywhere in Seattle and the Eastside (Redmond, Bellevue, etc.). Last weekend we made it to Reflection Lake and were able to take pictures against almost perfectly calm waters. It's a beautiful place to hike and backpack and with almost 200 documented waterfalls and many more undocumented waterfalls, the soothing sounds of water fill the air. Western Washington is great and there is so much to do (no offense to Eastern Washington — I haven't made it over there yet). My wife and I have been to San Juan Island to see the pods of orcas and have hiked up several mountains. We've also done many more exciting things in and around Seattle.

Microsoft and Washington are great places to work and I just wanted to share a little bit of our scenery around here.

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  • The server hosting the image is moving today but the image should return tomorrow.
  • More beautiful photographs from Mt. Rainier.
  • Eastern Washington -- a cross between wooded areas, steppe, scabland (from the Missoula ice dam), and the World's Largest Golfcourse (the Palouse).

    You forget to mention that Rainier's also visible outside of King County. You can spend many years with it outside your window in Pierce, Thurston, and Lewis Counties as well. ;)

    (Okay, I'm biased.. Having the dubious fortune of growing up in a Lewis County boonie, I had the singularly good luck of having Rainier outside my window, and St Helens in my back yard -- a safe distance away at the right time.)
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