My One-year Anniversary

My One-year Anniversary

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Today is my one-year anniversary here at Microsoft and I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people and on great projects. I've seen two betas of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 and a myriad of Community Technology Previews (CTPs) go out the door, improved some of the patching technology for older releases as well as help prepare for the up-coming release of .NET 2.0 and VS 2005. I've also worked with lots of other teams outside of Developer Division during my work with Windows Script; and also to improve our patch build technology with other sustained engineering groups like Office and Windows as Microsoft integrates our divisions' products and, thus, adds inter-dependencies such as the Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office.

So as tradition goes, I have brought in one pound of M&Ms.

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  • Congrats Heath!!

    I'm also a former MVP that was just hired by Microsoft. In fact, I might have broken some sort of record as I was awarded MVP on 7/1 and then hired the end of July (my start date was 8/22/05)
  • Tom Archer from Code Project and the author? Good to have you on board!

    I know you at least beat my record. I was an MVP for less than a year (7-8 months?) before being hired.
  • [Heath] Tom Archer from Code Project and the author?
    [Tom] Guilty as charged :)

    [Heath] Good to have you on board!
    [Tom] Thanks, Heath. I'm definitely glad to be here!
  • I thought I'd mention to Tom that I broke a related but slightly different record -- I was turned down for an MVP-ship due to being a bad represntative of Microsoft, the day after I was givean an offer to work for Microsoft full-time!
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