Monad Beta 2 Available

Monad Beta 2 Available

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Want a shell that doesn't peak at the for command and that's built on the latest .NET Framework? Monad beta 2 is available for download!

Monad is an object-oriented shell that lets you manipulate output and has an extensible provider model so that you can traverse different data sets. Beta 2 ships with providers for Monad aliases, Windows certificates, environment variables, functions, the Windows registry, variables, and, of course, the file system. Now when haven't you wanted to just cd to a registry key and enumerate or modify the values quickly?

The future of system administration is bright with Monad. Check it out!

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  • Not exactly the latest .NET Framework if it uses 2.0 beta 2 :(

    I just formatted to install VS2005 RC0, now what will I do that MSH and LINQ have only been released for beta 2.
  • Cory, true it's not the latest Framework but the RC is very recent. Sorry I hadn't considered the RC.

    The MSI LaunchCondition is easy enough to work around. Just remove FRAMEWORK20_50215 = "#1" from the LaunchCondition table, but attempts to get msh.exe to run under v2.0.50727 have been futile. There must be a breaking change preventing it from running.

    I would encourage you to contact the Monad team using the Wiki to see if there is another work around or release planned. Since this is the RC before the RTM there shouldn't be any breaking changes (at least, it's very unlikely) so it would be essential that Monad works for the post-beta 2 Framework.
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