Problems with the Palm Treo 700w

Problems with the Palm Treo 700w

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I bought a Palm Treo 700w a short while ago and for the most part have been loving it. It combines Palm's great hardware with Microsoft Windows Mobile programming and great user interface. All this hasn't been without its problems, though.

When I set up ActiveSync on the device to work withour corporate Exchange server I set the off-peak synchronization for Pocket Outlook to automatically update (AUTD). When I got the data plan I also dropped TXT Messaging from my plan. When my bill arrived I had to pay for 99 SMS text messages. Turns out that AUTD on the Treo 700w uses SMS from the Exchange server to tell Pocket Outlook to synch. I switched to a sync schedule and all was well. It look some digging to figure this out, though. Verizon was kind enough to reverse chargers both on my last bill and current charges, and they even rounded up my refund. Nice. Granted this was more of a user configuration error, but other problems arose.

I wanted to use the device to listen to my protected music from MSN Music (so it uses Microsoft DRM which works nicely with Windows, Windows Mobile, and devices over Windows Media Connect like my Xbox 360). I stopped by my local Verizon store and they recommended the Jabra C120s stereo earbuds. I got them home and much to my chagrin I only heard audio in the right earbud. I called Verizon support after fruitless searches on the Internet and even got to 2nd tier support and everyone kept saying, "It should work." With more digging and an internal distribution list for Windows Mobile it turns out that support seems to be finicky. Even though the C120s is a 4-connector, 2.5mm stereo headset like Palm sells specifically for Treo devices it's not compatible with the Palm Treo.

Fine, I figured. I'll sync my protected music and sort out the headset problem later. Unfortunately, therein lies another problem. After sync'ing the 25th protected file every additional protected file wouldn't sync. Turns out that Windows Media Player error 80070428 is a known issue but Palm hasn't released an update to the Treo yet.

Still, I'm rather pleased with the Treo 700w since it really helps keep me organized, but these issues are annoying. I mention them here mostly in hopes it will help people avoid or - if searching for answers - helps people understand why something isn't working. I'll be sure to post updates when I have new and useful information.

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    I just posted a little blurb on our site regarding an "unlimited text messaging" supplemental plan to go along with the "unlimited data" plan.  Call Verizon Wireless Data Support and request code 70246, PDA 2000 SMS ALLOWANCE.  It's a free add-on to the unlimited data plans and works like a charm.
  • Raphael, thanks - I saw that. I made a trackback to the store apparently cross-posted on another site ( since I was getting lots of referrals from it.

    I actually have to call a different number which I hopefully will get to later today. Currently the scheduled sync is good enough, but if Verizon views this as a profit leak hopefully they'll push on Palm to release the ROM update with MSFP and the fix for the protected files issue.
  • An update to problems I was having with the Palm Treo 700w.
  • I returned my Treo 700w within the 15 day period.

    At least 1X-2X/day, the phone would not work. People on the other end of the  phone could not hear me talking and this was frustating after paying over $400 for a phone and accessories. I check it out on the web and others are having the same problem: an unreliable phone!
  • ndiva, I haven't been having that problem, but another phone-related problem where if someone calls and I have to enter a key code because of corporate Exchange security policy, the phone application is put into the background and I have found no way to put it back to the foreground so I can't answer it!

    I've also been informed by Verizon tech support that the Treo's Bluetooth handsfree headset profile doesn't support voice dialing even though the phone itself does!

    I'm nearly at whits end. Normally I try to work through problems and report them as bugs to help better the device, but this particular device is causing a lot of stress I don't need for a phone.

    I've heard far less problems about the Samsung i730, the phone I was planning on getting until I heard about the Palm Treo 700w.

    I hope you have better luck with your next (new) phone!
  • I cant get this dang application WMP to not stop audio when the phone shuts itself off every few minutes... this SUCKS...please let me know if there is a way to set this up correctly as with my Palm TX i downloaded WINAMP and the PDA "shut itself off" and I was STILL able to hear radio/music
  • "windows media player", that is by design. The phone is never off unless the battery is pulled. In order to stop WMP (or even Winamp, I assume) you need to go to your task manager and stop the application.
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