Update on Problems with the Palm Treo 700w

Update on Problems with the Palm Treo 700w

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I previously mentioned some problems I was having with the Palm Treo 700w and that these were not isolated issues. After several calls and more research I have a few updates.

A lot of referrals came in from a thread about the SMS text messaging issue for the Palm Treo 700w on the Verizon network. Text messages are sent to tell Pocket Outlook to synchronize with the server but unless you have the TXT Messaging feature on your plan you get charged $0.10 per text message incoming or outgoing. You can either setup your device to only sync on a schedule or ask Verizon about the PDA 2000 SMS ALLOWANCE.

Regarding the stereo headset only playing the right channel, it turns out that the left channel is dead on the Palm Treo 700w. I was afraid of that. Palm does sell a stereo headphone adapter that not only adapts the 2.5mm jack to a standard 3.5mm jack for stereo headphones, but also splits the right channel so that it's heard in both ears. With stereophonic sound dating back to 1937 and pretty much taken for granted in devices these days, I'm a little disappointed about this. I wasn't planning on using this for in-flight entertainment since we have the Creative Zen Portable Media Center so I'm not too displeased about this.

Regarding updates for the other problems including the 25-file limit for DRM-protected music, Palm asked me to keep an eye on the Palm Treo 700w (Verizon) Support site. Hopefully these updates won't require a complete ROM refresh but they weren't sure.

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  • After some research and asking Palm again about it, I found that the Treo does support stereo playback with the right equipment.
  • An update to the Palm Treo 700w to address various problems has a few problems of its own.
  • I think microsoft and palm should be sued for allowing the 700w to go to market.
    I think this is why they've gone back to the Palm OS by releasing this Treo 700P.
    I've spoken to many treo 650 owners who have not reported many of the problems I've experienced with this device.
  • After I updated my 700w to the new update it broke my bluetooth. It is now eratic at best now. Verizon is sending me a new phone.
    What a waste or money
  • i am having so much trouble with the phone part of my palm 700w! my phone makes calls to people on my call log when it feels like it! no one believed me until they witnessed it themselves! i was raking apples yesterday and my brother called and when i answered he wanted to know what i wanted! i didn't call- the phone was sitting on the picnic table about 20 feet away form me! this has happened 4 or 5 times in the last couple weeks! anyone else having this problem?? i also have problems switching from one call to another when someone calls and i am already on the phone! if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it!!!
  • I have issues with my Treo 700W. Can't get pixel viewer to work ( says  out of memory..with no images stored), buttons stick, have to soft reset after charging..or the phone won't turn on..and oh ..the lousy battery. I can charge..leave at 9 for work..and by 3 have no battery. HELP ! Any solutions to these issues? How do we use our own music for ring tones? I can't get anything to work on this phone......
  • I am going on my third Palm Treo, and I am getting frustrated with this phone.  If it wasn't a required phone by my company, I would choose a different phone.  The latest problem is with the charging connection, it either has worn out (phone only 2months old) or it doesn't work anymore as I cannot charge the phone.  The number/letter keys on the front of the phone are just not user friendly unless you have a tiny fingers.  I've seen other phones that have easier to use keypads than the Palm Treo 700w.
  • Ronald, I'm actually getting my second Tree 700w sometime today. I have to reset my *every day* - sometimes twice. I often can't make phone calls. I keep wondering, what if something happened to me and some good Samaritan without a cell phone (yeah, there are still some people who have realized being always-connected is less stressful) tries to use mine to dial 911 and can't call out? They won't know how to reset my phone.

    Hopefully this new phone at least won't have that problem.
  • I am on my 3 Treo 700W since March. It locks up 1-2 times a day and won't work unless I remove the battery or do a soft reset. It also starts ringing for no reason and I can't turn it off unless I remove the battery. Verizon told me today that a lot of people are having problems with the 700W and suggested I get the 700P. Does anyone have a 700P? If so does it have the same problems. I don't recommend getting the 700W.
  • This phone is a piece of junk. Why won't Verizon just admit it and give it's suffering Treo 700w users a different kind of phone!
  • This is a straight up crap phone...Doesn't matter which one you have.Can't believe it's still being sold. Don't go out and buy all those different types of chargers, your waisting your money...The connection port will weaken and you will be stuck finding ways to charge this worthless phone.

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