Update for the Palm Treo 700w Available Again

Update for the Palm Treo 700w Available Again

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The first update that Palm provided for the Treo 700w wasn't available for long. Soon after I posted about at least one problem with the installation process the update was pulled.

I have been informed that the updater is back up and, looking in the downloaded .zip file I see that the ® and ™ symbols have been removed from the file name.

According to their site, you don't need to download this update and install it in order to install the update to the Palm Treo 700w itself if you already have done so successfully. As posted on their site,

Note: This update has not been modified from the one posted earlier on the Palm.com web site. This download includes changes that affect the installation process only. If you have already run the Treo 700w Updater 1.10 successfully, you do not need this update.

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  • Well I was one of the lucky ones that got the first update, and successfully installed it.  If you haven't gotten it yet, you'll want to.  Just be smart about doing it.  Don't try to upgrade via bluetooth or something crazy like that, use USB.  Make sure it's plugged into power while doing the upgrade.  Like I said I was apparently fairly lucky, it saved all data, programs and settings.  And is also seems to have fixed the problem with the 700w not powering on.  Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  • I still have problems turning on the device some times and have to reset.
  • Just over a week ago I was posting about Unicode? Zip don't need no stinking Unicode!
    Well, as Heath...
  • This is for those full time users of the Treo 700w with unlimited data plans-
    After replacing the treo 700w three times and applying their fix a new problem is now added to the list of old ones.  When you turn on the Treo with the red button it just turns off 30 seconds later.  of course you can reset it until you puke but still it turns off!  Who cares if they claim to have fixed a memory issue so long as they can NOT make it reliable for those of us who use it for full time business with unlimited data plans! Palm and verizon admitted this to me several times but still no real fix. If i did not need this device for the microsoft apps i would send it back demanding $2000 for the lost time and frustration. class action is what is needed after these many months and lies.  This is the most unreliable device i have ever had to use-  michael
  • Running Ex2k3, SP2, installed the update to my 700W and still not GAL.  Verizon and Palm - no help "it should just be there".... um, it's not.  Any suggestions short of calling MS?
  • Sheli, no, sorry. Besides making sure all your Exchange Active Sync settings are correct  I really know nothing more about it. My stake in the update was more about the Windows Installer package they shipped, which is my realm of expertise (well, one realm).
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