Hotfix Published for KB925336

Hotfix Published for KB925336

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When installing Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1, users may see an error that reads,

Error 1718.File D:\WINDOWS\Installer\50baad.msp was rejected by digital signature policy.

I've published instructions to work around this issue using either the Management Console snap-in or the registry, the latter including a sample batch script to automate VS 2005 SP1 installation. This was also reflected in KB925336, referenced both from the SP1 download page and in the modified error dialog if this problem were encountered while installing SP1.

Today a hotfix was published on the Download Center to fix the underlying issue, that Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 attempt to read in the entire file to generate a hash over it. Despite how much physical memory the machine has, this problem can happen if not enough contiguous memory is available. High heap fragmentation prevents this.

This hotfix is only for Windows Server 2003 because we have not witnessed nor been informed of this problem occurring on Windows XP. If you encounter this problem, it is recommended that you free up additional disk space using the Disk Clean utility, and remove orphaned patches. Install this hotfix, reboot the machine, and reinstall VS2005SP1. The fix to advapi32.dll should prevent this type of problem from happening again.

Remember, you can expedite installation of SP1 by silently installing the patch and disabling the baseline cache while doing so, although disabling the baseline cache will cause prompts for source when you uninstall the patch.

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  • I have tried to install SP1 for Visual Studio 2k5 on a windows server 2003 R2 machine with sp1 having enough disk space; eventually giving me a memory dump. Any suggestions as to what should I do??? :(

    my email

  • Contact Microsoft Customer Support Services via and provide them with the memory dump.

    If you have a Windows Installer log generated as recommended in many of my posts or done automatically if not specified, you can follow some of the log diagnostics techniques in this blog to find the actual problem. Crashes in Windows Installer are rare and I have yet to see one - though both are entirely impossible - in custom actions we use (though the latter will most often fail for other reasons, though gracefully).

    See for some help diagnosing Windows Installer logs if you want to do so yourself.

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