How to Download all of Visual Studio 2008 SP1

How to Download all of Visual Studio 2008 SP1

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Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 is comprised of multiple packages, including executables, installer packages, and patches. Compare this with Visual Studio 2005 SP1 which was a single patch wrapped in an executable. A lot of updates were made to both the .NET Framework and VS 2008 - along with changes to SQL and other bits from across the company - so a download manager was created to download only what you need.

But if you want to put VS 2008 SP1 on your network or a DVD for later or continued use, you can pass /createlayout to the download bootstrap application. The /createlayout parameter requires an argument to specify the directory to download to.

VS90sp1-KB945140-ENU.exe /createlayout \\server\share

After a brief moment, the following dialog is displayed.

This will download all the packages for a single language of VS2008 SP1 and will put an executable named SPInstaller.exe into that same directory. You'll need about 782MB free for SP1. Run SPInstaller.exe to install the service pack from that install point. SPInstaller.exe will first use valid packages in the same containing folder before fetching them from the Internet.

There is a known issue that .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 requires an active connection when installing the layout. This is because only the web bootstrap application is downloaded. For VS2008 SP1 Beta, you can work around this by downloading the full redistributable and replacing dotnetfx35setup.exe in the layout folder where you saved the rest of the downloaded files. Note that the package you download will be dotnetfx35.exe, so you'll need to rename it to dotnetfx35setup.exe. Just selecting the existing dotnetfx35.exe file in the Save As dialog will do this automatically.

Updated 7-10-2012: Removed references to the Beta and updated links to point to the release of VS2008 SP1.

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  • I keep getting the following error when attempting to install the SP.  

    dotnetfx35setup.exe returned non-MSI error code: 0x1 - Incorrect function

    I submitted the feedback so you (MS) should have it.  I tried the network bootstrap, the full download with the partial dotnetframework and the full download with the replaced version of the full framework.  

    OS: Vista 64

  • VS2008 SP1 Beta is quite a package. By default the installation downloads the packages as needed and

  • VS2008 SP1 Beta is quite a package. By default the installation downloads the packages as needed and

  • .NET/Visual Studio 2008 How to Download all of Visual Studio 2008 SP1 The Release of Visual Studio 2008

  • I wasn't going to install VS 2008 SP1 Beta on my main development machine until I read a MSDN blog

  • Le Service Pack 1 de Visual Studio 2008 est actuellement en beta et en anglais. Il sera disponible prochainement

  • Hello

    I downloaded full re-distributable

    "dotnetfx35.exe" installer from the mentioned site

    I renamed the file to "dotnetfx35setup.exe".

    I ran the installer ... it showed succesfully installed message.

    But when i open visual studio 2008 i dont see any modification to templates or files for

    ADo.Net Data services and Entity Framework related stuff.

    I dont understand whats wrong and i would really appreciate help.



  • Kamal, did you remove KB949325 first from VS as documented in the Read Me? If you don't, SP1 appears to install but doesn't actually do much (i.e., doesn't update most of the files). There's also some discussion of this in

  • A serious time saving tip!  Thank you!

  • What about the pre RTM & RTM versions?. Are those going to be realesed in similar fashion?.

  • Peeyush, yes they will.

  • Hi Heath,

    Re: the point about putting the .NET3.5 full setup package in the folder specified, do we have to do that prior to executing the VS..exe/CreateLayout command or is that to be done after the layout has been created and just prior to running the actual setup?



  • Benjy, replace the package after running /createlayout and before executing setup.exe.

  • Please include thats its a BETA ...

    // ouT

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