Visual Studio 2010 Uninstall Utility

Visual Studio 2010 Uninstall Utility

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While we hope you’ll love Visual Studio 2010 for all the application development it enables with powerful features and a robust extension model that enables great extensions like the Productivity Power Tools, if you ever need to uninstall Visual Studio it can be difficult. If you’ve ever tried to remove Visual Studio you already know this.

But have a tool that can help for English installations: the Visual Studio 2010 Uninstall Utility.

An excerpt from that page reads,

Default (VS2010_Uninstall-RTM.ENU.exe)
Uninstalls all top level products of 2010 release and its supporting components. This mode does not remove Visual Studio components shared with previous product releases (e.g. Visual Studio 2008) or system level updates such as Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

Full (VS2010_Uninstall-RTM.ENU.exe /full)
Removes Visual Studio 2010 and supporting products, including components shared with previous versions of Visual Studio. Note: may break features of previous versions of Visual Studio installed on the machine. This option does not remove Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 from the machine.

Complete (VS2010_Uninstall-RTM.ENU.exe /full /netfx)
Removes entire set of Visual Studio 2010 and supporting products, including Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and components shared with previous versions of Visual Studio. Note: may break features of previous versions of Visual Studio or other products taking dependency on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

For other languages or editions, you can remove the packages in manual order from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features).

Updated 8/29/2014: Uploaded utility to the Microsoft Download Center since the previous location had been archived.

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  • how can i run it with /full /netfx?

  • You need to open a command prompt (cmd.exe), and run the full path to the executable with the command line switches you desire from within the command prompt.

  • can you explain that in terms i would understand? i have the uninstall utility on my desktop. tell me in simple terms how i run it in FULL

  • 1. Click on the Start menu.

    2. Click Run.

    3. Type: cmd.exe

    4. Click Ok

    5. You need to change directories to the path of the EXE. If you put this on your desktop, type: cd "%userprofile%\desktop

    6. Press Enter.

    7. Type the command line above you want to run, ex: VS2010_Uninstall-RTM.ENU.exe /full /netfx

    8. Press Enter.

  • i did what you said, but i still have some visual studio stuff on here. i have dotfuscator, sql servers, c++ stuff.

    can i just go into control panel and uninstall there? why didnt it work.

  • i get errors trying to remove from control panel. what the heck man! this didnt remove everything.

  • If you couldn't remove them from the control panel, that's probably why they weren't removed as part of the complete uninstall. The utility will skip errors and continue with other packages. In order to understand why you can't remove those products, it would help to know what the error you saw read.

  • Hello Heath,

    on an older notebook that got reanimated as a temporary replacement for a broken machine, I found an installation of VS2010 RC--BUT that installation was made to an external drive that isn't available anymore. The notebook urgently needs an installation of VS2010 Ultimate but whatever I've tried so far didn't work--the VS Ult installation still complains about installed fragments of RC ("You need to uninstall the following products: ... RC"). I've tried the tool with /full /netfx, but no success. As we say here in Germany: I've reached the end of my Latin... Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  • Post scriptum... is the RTM removal tool at all able to remove the RC? Or is there another tool around? Thanks again.

  • @Carsten, if you're getting specific errors when running the uninstall tool, could you share them here? Alternatively, you can use the Contact link on the left to send me private mail.

  • @Carsten, yes, the RTM uninstall tool will only remove VS2010 RTM. If you don't want to reimage the machine, please use the Contact link on the left so I can get more information from you.

  • hello I'm sure this topic is dated but i downloaded VS2010_Uninstall-RTM.ENU but didn't really want to uninstall vs2010 and was wondering if there was a special protocol for removing the uninstall tool. i only downloaded it just in case but really don't feel comfortable having a run-time binary file in my downloads documents. thanx for any help.

  • @Nate, the uninstall utility is just a standalone EXE, so you can simply delete it. Did uninstalling VS2010 RTM from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Vista+) work for you first?

  • i didn't try it yet but I'll let you know if I do. thanks again.

  • It left behind the five parts of SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime and all the Visual C++ 2005 and 2008 Runtime packages a full VS2010 Ultimate install piles onto a computer.

    It's a very ill-behaved suite of software, not just for not having a unified *uninstaller* to pull out 100% of all its pieces but also because the just in time debugger behaves more like an any time it feels like *crasher* that pops up and shoots down software that runs just fine on a box without VS2010 installed.

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