Installing Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 may prompt for source

Installing Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 may prompt for source

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Some users are reporting that when installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 they are prompted for MSI files as shown in the following example screenshot. These prompts for source are most common during rollback on failed install attempts and uninstall since original RTM files need to be put back on the machine and may not have been cached by Windows Installer.


This includes, but is not limited to, the following MSI files.

  • vs_intshell_enu.msi
  • vs_setup.msi

I will update this list of files customers are commonly seeing as I’m made aware. If you are seeing this with other MSI files when installing VS2010 SP1, please comment below.

How to work around this issue

The solution varies depending on what you are being prompted for. I will update this entry with common prompt issues for VS2010 SP1 as I’m made aware. If you’re running into this issue with other MSI files when installing VS2010 SP1, please comment below.


This workaround also may apply to any other language for the Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Integrated), and the instructions are similar for Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Isolated) through the download location and file names will be different.

  1. Download VSIntShell.exe for the language required, as described by _<LANG> in the file name required (ex: vs_intShell_enu.msi is for English).
  2. Open a command prompt (you can elevate when opening it now, or accept the prompt later when extracting below).
  3. Run the comnand: vsintshell.exe /extract:”%TEMP%\vsintshell”
  4. Change directories or browse to the %TEMP%\vsintshell folder: cd “%TEMP%\vsintshell”
  5. Rename the MSI file name as required by the prompt: rename vs_setup.msi vs_intshell_enu.msi
  6. Return to the prompt dialog, click the Browse button, and type the following into the File name: text box: %TEMP%\vsintshell
  7. Select vs_intshell_enu.msi (the file name must match) and click Open to continue.
  8. Back in the prompt dialog, click OK to continue.


If the title of the source prompt dialog contains “Express”, please see section 2.2.5 in the VS2010 SP1 read me; otherwise, the following instructions should help you provide the right source and continue installation.

  1. Locate your original installation media for the product and language listed in the source prompt dialog caption. If the name of the language is cut off, the language the dialog text is displayed in should help identify the proper source.
  2. Insert or attach your original installation media or network location for the product referenced in the caption.
  3. Return to the prompt dialog, click the Browse button, and browse to the root of the installation media above.
  4. Select vs_setup.msi (the file name must match) and click Open to continue.
  5. Back in the prompt dialog, click OK to continue.

Description of the issue

In general, prompts for source during patch install occur because a file installed by a product is missing or in an unexpected state. Windows Installer requires the original source to get these files. If it can’t find it automatically (for example, the original media isn’t in the drive or the previous network location), Windows Installer prompts the user for this source to continue.

Updated (3/16/2011): Added description for vs_setup.msi, as well as a note that these prompts are most common during rollback or uninstall.
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  • Followed the instruction in this article and the VS 2010 SP 1 install continued with no other errors.

  • Question, I don't understand this... at all... yet I am having this issue. May I have some sort of breakdown? What's my original installation Media? Where can I find it?

  • @John, how did you install Visual Studio in the first place? If from a DVD, then that is your original installation media it is asking for. If you downloaded it, you may need to download it again and expand/burn it (depending on whether you downloading an ISO or something else).

  • The link to "VSIntShell.exe" is not available. Is it safe to download it from other place?

  • @kunal, I don't recommend downloading from other sources. You can try which points to several versions and should work even if the actual download file name changes.

  • File Name Vc_runtime_x86.msi  

    The feature you are tryint to us is on a network resource that is unavailable

    Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'Vc_runtime_x86.msi' in the box below

    Thank You

    Homer Caston


    See this answer!!!

    Again, ensure you download INTEGRATED not ISOLATED as the answer shows isolated.

  • It didn't help. Well, i'm not surprised.

  • OK - the trick with the vs_isoshell.exe (or alike) is as follows:

    Extract vs_setup.msi AND into the same directory as the .exe itself.

    I'm not sure whether the installation will find these files automatically.

    Anyway, when prompted change the directory to where these files are located.

    My installation is not yet finished but I bet it will work.

    Anyway - this is snail science :(

  • I will try it and then leave a comment. Hope it works!!

  • HI,

    Could you help me for god sakes i dont know more what to do. In my case i am stuck at the same screen but with this error VS_setup.msi   "...appdata\local\temp\sit21278.tmp\" I have tried copy the content of DVD image to desktop, not worked, tried to install from inside this folder ..same error.

    What am i doing (or not) wrong, why this is happening anyways?

    I am sorry but i am not so good at this commands that you mentioned could you explain where do i have to type it if this solution applies to me as well.


  • @Anderson Cardoso, what step specifically are you having trouble with? There's no need to copy source to your desktop, as you have to browse to the location of the MSI (which can be located on your original installation media).

  • @Heath Stewart

    HI, i am having problem to install it. i ve tried to mount the image to install it, and i ve got the same error, tried to extract the file, same error, tried to browse the archieves manyally same error as i mentioned. "appdata\local\temp\sit21278.tmp" it says that it cant find the VS_setup.msi

  • @Anderson Cardoso, it's probably prompting for the MSI in SP1. Follow the instructions in the first section. There's nothing to mount, so I'm guessing you're mounting your original RTM ISO. You need to extract vs_setup.msi from SP1.

  • The same issue with mine...

    Windows Update can solve this problem.

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