July 2012 Update for Visual Studio 2012 RC

July 2012 Update for Visual Studio 2012 RC

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A few months ago we introduced a new method of delivering updates to Visual Studio 2012. Today we published updates in the same manner for Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidates.

You can download the July 2012 update (KB2703187) for VS2012 RC from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=257044. More information about this update is available at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2703187.

As with Visual Studio 11 Beta, you will also be notified via Extension Manager. We did, however, make a change for RC to check for updates periodically. This will improve the end-to-end experience for VS updates.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Should you have any problems installing the July 2012 Update for Visual Studio 2012 on RC (v11.0.50522.1) please download and run our log collection utility and visit our forum or file a bug on Microsoft Connect.

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  • I want offline installer.

  • @Shashwat, you can download the small bootstrapper EXE, and on the command line pass /layout <path> to download everything and create an offline installer. Our data shows > 99.8% success rate for downloads when using /layout (failures are almost always persistent network glitches since we have a certain number of retries).

    We are considering other options, but years of data show that ISOs (as an example) are often corrupted during download (common with larger files in general) and lead to bad installs and machine states, leading to further problems and time wasted getting back to a good machine state. I'll look at doing a post citing the rough failure rate for ISOs, but it's quite high.

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