Windows Installer XML (WiX) v3.6 Released

Windows Installer XML (WiX) v3.6 Released

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The Windows Installer XML (WiX) team has released version 3.6 which, most notably, released a powerful and customizable chainer named Burn. The Visual Studio 2012 setup applications were built on Burn using features such as package caching, reference counting, and sticky patching to improve the overall experience from past releases.

Head on over to Rob’s blog post for more information about all the features introduced and improved in WiX v3.6 as well as background information on how we achieved such an important release for WiX.

Updated: Corrected typo.

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  • "Were'nt build on Burn"?!?  Looking forward to installing the release version though.  Thanks!

  • > The Visual Studio 2012 setup applications *weren’t* built on Burn...

    Should be *were*, right?

  • Yes, should be "were". Thanks for catching that!

  • Does this mean that we'll get some new Channel 9 training videos?  The last one was 2006.  Thats older than my hair-cut.  Seriously, a video doing some hello-world installs and talking about things to consider would be very helpful.

  • Hi,

    I have created visual studio 2010 add-in for Wix. This add-in allows you to create Wix artefacts in a very seamless manner. It works very similar to our old friend visual studio setup project.

    Check out below link.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

    Shikhar Jain

  • Thanks Microsoft its been a long painful week but Ive learned moer this week then in 10 years.

  • Dear Heath,

    I've installed WIX 3.6 to integrate with my VS 2012 after uninstalling the totally bogus Installshield LE, however, WIX does not show in any way form VS 2012. Not as a project type, or a rightclick from anywhere, or as an addin. How can I get WIX 3.6 to show up in VS 2012.

    Thank you.

  • @Todd, is that VS2012 Professional, Premium, or Ultimate? Express editions to not support extensibility.

    If it is Pro+, make sure you install WiX v3.6 RTM. WiX RTM'd shortly after VS2012, so even fairly recent pre-releases won't properly update VS2012 RTM.

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