Visual Studio 2013 shortcuts in Windows 8.1

Visual Studio 2013 shortcuts in Windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 made a change for RTM – as some MSDN Subscribers might’ve noticed – where newly installed applications’ shortcuts are not immediately visible on the Start menu. They are still installed and indexed, but you need to either swipe down on your touch screen or click the down arrow as shown below.


On the Start menu, you can also just begin typing. Application shortcuts – along with files and settings – are displayed matching the text you typed. Just start typing “Visual Studio” and you’ll see a list of applications you can launch.

This behavior is the same for modern and desktop applications, putting you in control of what gets posted to your Start menu.

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  • The long list of applications is sorted by name by default, which can make it hard to find the app you just installed. What took me a while to figure out was that you can sort the list by installation date, so the new app is right at the top.

  • What about when we *DON'T* want the user to be in control?  Are there any hooks to allow enterprises to central manage?

  • @Christopher, developers do not have access to any sort of APIs that allows installations to pin shortcuts. Raymond Chen has a good write-up on that.

  • I just installed Visual Studio 2013 Express, and it launches fine so long as I open it from within Unreal Engine.  However, there is no executable in the directory it installed to, and searching on the charms window only brings up "Try other Visual Studio 2013 products".  

    This is why, after 1.5 years of using Windows 8, I still hate the new interface.  I shouldn't have to stop my work just to figure out some random, weird new method for doing something as simple as launching an application.

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