Update does not apply or is blocked by another condition on your computer

Update does not apply or is blocked by another condition on your computer

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We have investigated reports of some installs of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 reporting that no applicable updates are available even when VS2013 is installed. We have been unable to reproduce the cause in our labs and besides offering a workaround, we would like to ask for your assistance if you can reproduce the problem in the specific scenario described below.

Update does not apply or is blocked by another condition on your computer.Problem

When trying to install V2013 Update 2, you may see an error that reads,

Update 2 does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer.

This is the result of either not having a qualifying product like Visual Studio 2013 Professional, Premium, or Ultimate, or any of the Visual Studio 2013 Express products installed; or that the registration for those products is corrupt or missing.

In the latter case when product registration is missing, the few customers running into this problem can start VS2013 and everything else appears to work correctly. The cause is that the installer registration somehow is missing and VSUpdate requires this information to determine if it is applicable to the current machine.


The easiest workaround is to re-install the product from either the download setup application or from media. In some cases setup will appear to run as a first-time install as if the product wasn’t installed. This will be very fast since all the packages are already installed. In some cases, you will be prompted to repair or uninstall, so choose Repair.

After the install completes you can install VSUpdate.

More Information

The problem is that the bundle registration was removed and we have not been able to determine why exactly. For customers trying to install VSUpdate that run into this problem, the bundle registration was already removed so we cannot determine the root cause. Code has been thoroughly reviewed and hypotheses tested but apart from going into the registry and simply deleting the bundle registration key, we have been unable to reproduce this ourselves.

What would help is that if anyone installing the slipstream install (Visual Studio 2013 with Update 2) gets an error that the Update cannot be installed, that they run Process Monitor during another install attempt and trace registry calls at the very least. This specific scenario provides a fixed window in which the registration was removed. Please then file a bug on Connect and attach the Process Monitor trace, which is probably large so OneDrive is one option to use and link in the bug.

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  • We also had the same error on some machines. We copied "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache" from another machine where it worked (that had lot of files) and it worked even in the machines that had trouble.

  • @Rajasekar, could you run http://aka.ms/vscollect and upload %TEMP%\vslogs.cab to something like OneDrive so we can take a look? Inherently the error depends on finding burn registration (actual registry values) which should have nothing to do with the package cache, but you definitely have an interesting case to explore a possible cause.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @Heath Steward, Tried in couple of other machines, installer worked as expected. Will try it in few other dev machines and revert if it reoccurs. In the machine where we got the error, I normally run ccleaner/cleanmgr, not sure if they clean up more than required.

  • Cleanmgr shouldn't. I run that regularly myself. Not sure about the other. Could you do that on a machine while running procmon?

  • IIRC CCleaner once burned a friend with VS2010. It deleted registry keys without values so it killed his Firebird DDEX installation.

  • @Rajasekar, I tried running CCleaner with defaults and all settings - as well as the separate registry cleaner - and couldn't reproduce this with the newest version. That's not to say an older version didn't have some bug, though. If you can reproduce this with your version of CCleaner and whatever settings you commonly use, it would be great to see a procmon dump. Thanks!

  • @Rajasekar, there is one possibility, though. On these machines, was the Package Cache removed? While that wouldn't cause this specific issue (possibly others later in the process, though we do attempt to download missing payload), running CCleaner's registry tool would probably remove the ARP registry key since the UninstallString would point to a missing EXE. The combination of the two events would cause a problem like this.

  • I tried re-installing VS, as you said very fast, but still the same error.  It also shows that Update 1 is already there.  Should I try uninstall and re-install?

  • I tried borrowing someone else's "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache" and this did work.  What is this "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache" for anyway?  Can it be deleted?

  • @Simon, you definitely should not delete that directory! Though, if you're connected to the Internet, we should download it all again it's not recommend and will definitely slow down installs.

    I'm surprised a re-install did not work. Seems to work for most folk, anyway. Instead, before uninstalling and re-installing, try running the setup program (from download or media) with the /repair command line switch.

  • @Heath Why is Package Cache directory so large? The one I borrowed from a colleague over 6Gb, and seems to be mostly cab and msi files.  Is it really necessary to keep downloaded install files?

    Thanks for the help!


  • @Simon, you can read more about it at blogs.msdn.com/.../packaging-caching-in-burn.aspx.

  • I have had the same problem.

    I performed a "Repair" of Visual Studio 2013 and it still occurs.

    Interestingly, the Update 2 installed correctly the first time, but then caused VS to crash every time a solution was opened. I fixed this by uninstalling visual studio entirely, then re-installing. But now attempting to apply the update causes this problem.

    Visual Studio 2013 seems to operate fine without Update 2, but interestingly, does not show up at all in the "Add/Remove Programs" list in the Control Panel. I suspect this is why Update 2 cannot install.

  • @S Dunn, we've been unable to repro this. If you uninstalled VS then re-installed and can't install VSU, perhaps there might be something during the re-install that could help root cause the issue.

    Could you uninstall VS again, download and run procmon.exe from http://sysinternals.com, make sure it's logging, then re-install VS again? The logs will be huge, so filter where Process is 'vs_ultimate.exe' (or whatever the install program name is for you) then save only the filtered logs? You can upload them to something like http://onedrive.com and I can take a look and hopefully figure out why this is happening, as well as a fix and work around for you.

  • Having this error too. I can make a VMware image if needed so you can find the problem and hence the solution?

    PM me.

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