Visual Studio 2010 uninstall utility back online

Visual Studio 2010 uninstall utility back online

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Four years ago I published a utility to help perform a clean uninstall of Visual Studio 2010. Before we added package reference counting and related bundles to Visual Studio setup, we couldn’t always be sure which products were still required so not everything was removed. This utility will remove everything provided one of a few command line options documented in the original article.

Unfortunately, the old site where the utility was hosted was archived and some readers recently pointed this out. I’ve since reposted the utility on the Microsoft Download Center and created a short URL ( if you want to remove older Visual Studio bits since by now I’m sure you’re enjoying newer versions!

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  • Thanks, it's usefull for me, i have to reinstall the program because it can't find the include anymore ... really don't know why... and hope it'll work. (uninstalling is pretty long :-P )

  • I realize this is a fairly old post but did you happen to ever do a similar utility for VS 2012? The college I work at has run into an issue because our campus agreement is changing to where we have to pay for each VS install. I'm looking for an easy way to uninstall all previous versions of Visual Studio (short of creating applications for each different version in SCCM) before/while we push out the Community edition of 2013 (2015 when it's released).

  • @Mike, VS2012 and newer doesn't need it. We added package ref-counting so we can safely remove most packages unlike VS2010 and older. So uninstalling will remove most. On the command line, passing /uninstall /force will remove everything but .NET Framework and the VC Runtime(s) regardless of package ref-count.

  • Where can I find a list of the various command line options? For the life of me I can't find it in the download center.

  • The only supported switches are documented in the first link (original post):

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