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  • Blog Post: How to register your program for file extensions shared with other programs

    One frequently asked question is, “how do we register our program for a file extension when other versions (or programs) that handle it might also be installed?” The overarching question is really about how to have non-shared resources both write to a shared resource. But in the case with...
  • Blog Post: Why does ICE03 state my localized template string is invalid?

    Question When I run ICE validation, why does ICE03 state the following error? ICE03 ERROR Invalid template string; Table: Error, Column: Message, Key(s): 1958 The string reads, ユーザー [2] の特権が不十分です。必要な特権をユーザーに付与してインストールを続行しますか? [いいえ] を選択するとインストールは終了します。 Answer This ICE error can appear in several columns...
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