October, 2007

  • Reed and Steve Stuff

    Expanding the Reach - Going Consumer

    Okay, this has always been something of a pet project for me, if you will. Sure, I work in MCB and focus on the business side of the house, but it's really the consumers that move the majority of devices (and then force IT to support them). So, what I...
  • Reed and Steve Stuff

    SAP and Windows Mobile - what's your story?

    I work with different partners everyday, and I also work with enterprises and business everyday as well. In enterprises, I often get asked the question: 'What partners do you have that do X?' Well, right now I am looking for something specific. How many...
  • Reed and Steve Stuff

    Slaying the Virtual Memory Monster - Part II

    Someday I’ll learn to write a simple blog post—a couple of paragraphs about something cool and edgy. Not today. There is no way to cover Virtual Memory in brevity and still get anything out of it so... we’re going to trudge through this. In my last post...
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