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  • Blog Post: Speaking of the Robot Apocalypse…

    Okay, I saw this today and laughed my *** off…this is some funny stuff! And yes, I do think more people would prefer the Hover Tank…ah, who am I kidding?  Give me a giant robot as well.
  • Blog Post: Monkeys vs Robots

    Okay, so I have been telling you guys for awhile that with all of this technological innovation going on, we are on the precipice of the robot revolution.  But we cannot forget about the monkeys.  No, not for a second.  If the robots don’t get us, the monkeys will surely rise up and enslave...
  • Blog Post: The Robotics Development Studio – watch it on Channel 9 :)

    For those of you who are interested in robotics, Trevor Taylor (PM on the Robotics team) has filmed a little ditty around the Robotics Development Studio (RDS)…check it out here on Channel 9 ! Good job Trevor! BTW, still waiting for the Monkey/Robot war…come on folks, it’s inevitable…
  • Blog Post: Robots are harmful to humans

    Uh…duh?  Have any of you seen Terminator?  Isn’t this something that everyone knows? :) But this article is a laugher… Sorry to be away for so long, folks…I’ll try to do better, even if it’s snarky stuff.
  • Blog Post: Giant Robot Lovers Unite :)

    Okay, I found this on CNET last night and thought it was kinda I'm posting it here :)
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