August, 2006

  • Henry Hahn

    WPF Perf: RenderCapability.Tier & DesiredFrameRate

    In this post, I’m going to talk about two key API’s for performance in WPF. These are RenderCapability.Tier and Storyboard.DesiredFrameRate. In this post, I’m going to show: How to leverage RenderCapability.Tier to scale your app up or down....
  • Henry Hahn

    WPF Scrolling Performance Tip: Avoid using ScrollBarVisibility=Auto

    When you can, avoid using the ScrollBarVisibility value " Auto " for HorizontalScrollBarVisibility and/or VerticalScrollBarVisibility. These properties show up on ScrollViewer , TextBox , RichTextBox and ListBox (although, as an attached property on the...
  • Henry Hahn

    WPF Performance: TextBoxes Galore!

    I see a lot of WPF demos, repros, apps and so forth on a regular basis. Sometimes these apps will contain, for whatever reason, a large number of TextBoxes. Now, I have my opinions about whether or not UI looks good with that many TextBoxes but I have...
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