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September, 2005

  • Hong Gao 's Web Log :

    My first day at PDC05

    I am very excited about PDC05. I arrived LA on Sat night. I heard PDC usually generates a lot of excitement in the developer community and I immediately felt the energy of this PDC from a dev lead from MS and an architectur from ISV as soon as landed...
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    VC++ Express couples with Half-Life 2

    I could not help to share this great news from Brian Keller with you. Microsoft issued a joint press release on 08/31with Valve Software, the makers of the hugely popular Half-Life 2 PC game, in which Valve has endorsed Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition...
  • Hong Gao 's Web Log :

    My second day at PDC05

    Today is still the pre-conference day which means I may still have trouble to get in (Microsoft puts the customer first and doesn't want its employees to compete the seats with its customers). I spent some time to help setting up code4fun lounge (my booth...
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