The chronicles of a test engineer on one of the coolest projects remaining in mainstream computing - the Tablet PC!

May, 2005

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    Nokia's new "Tablet" device

    Did you see the news last week regarding Nokia's new 770 "Internet Tablet" device? These are clearly not TabletPCs, they appear to be more related to the PocketPC. Or perhaps the Nintendo DS. It is frustrating for me to see the term "Tablet" get diluted...
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    Betas upon pre-betas upon buddy bits...

    Just in case some of you out there think we don't eat our own dogfood, even though we say it loudly enough, I tried to install the new Avalon+Indigo RC1 bits posted on Unfortunately, the bits won't install on my Longhorn machine. My...
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    TechEd05 in Orlando

    I'll be in sunny Orlando Florida the week of June 6th-10th for TechEd05. I hope to see at least some existing Tablet users, as well as many prospective Tablet users during the week. It should be a blast! TabletPC will have both a booth in the pavilion...
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    Hi! and Introduction

    Hi everybody out there in the blogosphere! My name is Hilton Locke and I'm a test engineer on the Tablet PC Platform team. The Platform team's mission is to provide the "plumbing" needed for your Tablet PC to be a Tablet. Along with that, we're...
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