Did you see the news last week regarding Nokia's new 770 "Internet Tablet" device? These are clearly not TabletPCs, they appear to be more related to the PocketPC. Or perhaps the Nintendo DS.

It is frustrating for me to see the term "Tablet" get diluted, but I suppose that "tablet" has been around since the first caveman broke off that piece of rock he/she was drawing on. It's not like I own the word.

For the record, TabletPCs are full-function mobile computers running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (a superset of Windows XP). We enable users to engage their PC in a more natural way (I don't convert my handwritten notes to text, why should I?) and break down the walls that having a screen between you and your conversation-mate puts up.

5 days till I board that plane for Florida. I can hardly wait!