I got a Tecra M4 on temporary assignment so that I can develop a Longhorn upgrade/clean install story on it. Since it's June (end of FY budget squandering time), lots of people in the company have been buying hardware with their remaining budget. I expect that M4s and IBM X41s will be quite popular on the dogfood alias over the next month or two.

Hmm. Now I feel a need to borrow an X41...

For the weekend though, I am just planning on taking the M4 home and seeing how it works natively so that I have a baseline to compare against - can't complain about something that doesn't work if it didn't work as shipped!

This week's spec-writing and reviewing is finally over. I have one day's worth still (trying to pass that off on somebody else) and I'm thinking about annual review time (yes, it's THAT time again).

Gnomedex appearance is now confirmed, it will be at the Seattle Public Library (downtown Seattle branch) the evening of the 24th. I still don't know what we'll be doing or showing.  *sigh*

Oh, and I still owe photos of the TechEd05 event. I will see about getting those posted this weekend.