Our user research team just published the results of an internal survey of 4500 Microsoft tablet users, asking what their top Usage Scenarios and Pain Points were.

Some of the results were:
Usage Scenarios: (in no particular order)

  • note taking
  • web browsing
  • sketching or drawing

Pain Points: (in no particular order)

  • slow input and recognition
  • poor recognition
  • "doesn't feel natural"

Now, I suspect what you're thinking is "Now, he asks us to comment and this becomes a huge flamewar in comments" or "Why doesn't he just go to my_favorite_tablet_enthusiast_site.com and read the forums?" Nope! I'm going to ask you to really give this topic some thought and post to the forums you usually use. I'm not going to delete your comments here if you feel like commenting here, but realize that I am just one data point, no different from my_favorite_tablet_enthusiast_site.com and as such, this blog has no more weight than any other public resource.

TabletPC MVPs and enthusiast website operators: If you identify some trends or wish to discuss this topic further, please feel free to chat up myself, Lora, Frank or anyone on the evangelism team. We make Tablet Edition for users, not to fill up feature checklists. If you can help us clearly identify ways to help us help users, we want to hear them!