You have to be a registered Beta participant (you get this through the Connect website).


The newsgroup will be live on Aug 3, 2005.

microsoft.beta.longhorn.tabletpc (Note: I do not know if this has changed since the rename of Longhorn to Vista)


From the release notes: (all references to "Longhorn" have been changed to "Vista" by me)


"Thank you for downloading Tablet PC Input Panel for Windows “Vista” beta 1. The installer installs Input Panel on a Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows “Vista” beta 1. Input Panel is not required for any other hardware. This beta release does not provide any additional Tablet PC functionality or other new Tablet PC features. New features will appear in beta 2.


“Vista” beta 1 does not contain Tablet PC accessories, such as Windows Journal, or Control Panel items for Tablet PCs. These will reappear in beta 2."


Sticky Notes and InkBall (yay!) are also slated to return for Beta 2. (Don't deny it, you loved InkBall before you switched to InkCrossword and you still play, I know you do!)


Note: I do not anticipate being a presence on the newsgroup. My features are coming online and multiple installs per day are the order of the day. Perhaps you will find other team members on the newsgroups though (Stefan Wick, for one).


Update 8/16/05:

Our Release PM had to leap through "extra loopty loops" to shepherd this through. I'm eagerly awaiting word on when it'll be available to you.