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September, 2005

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    Aero Glass and Tablets

    I got my first peek at a Tablet running Aero Glass yesterday. Wow! Considering that it's currently all visual effect and not really worth anything other than eye candy, it was hardly worth the effort/expense involved to make this particular Tablet run...
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    Don't give up on us baby, who-o-oa

    It seems that Omar Shahine is giving up his Tablet for another mobile PC. I don't understand Omar, what could be so attractive about saving your eyesight that would cause you to dump your Tablet? Seriously though, it's an important piece of feedback...
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    Touching is Good (finale?)

    Well, for those of you who have kept up with this series of posts , I've been dropping hints as to our newest announcement. It is being announced at PDC05 that OEMs will be allowed to ship Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (aka Lonestar) on their touch...
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    Touching is Good (pt 2)

    First off, I apologize Rob , for teasing so relentlessly, then ultimately not saying anything of value. I am however, without any legs to stand on, at least till next week . Did you know that there's life yet in that old XP 2005 SKU? There has to be...
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    Nintendo DS and Touch Input

    While I'm on the subject of touch input, I want to talk about Nintendo's DS. I got my DS back in December '04 and have been fascinated by the many different application gestures they recognize, particularly in WarioWare: Touched! They use the mic,...
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    Touching is Good

    I don't see any publicly available info yet (my lead PM had sworn us to secrecy til Sept 1 - which it is now, Redmond time). I wonder what I can say without getting Dooced . I'd better not chance it, since I'm already taking a ton of heat career-wise...
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    TIP is posted on MSDN!

    It's only about 5 weeks after Beta 1 itself shipped, but better late than never. Look for the "Windows Longhorn Professional Edition Beta 1 Tablet PC Input Panel (english)" Sorry, it's not available in any languages other than English. See this...
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