It seems that Omar Shahine is giving up his Tablet for another mobile PC. I don't understand Omar, what could be so attractive about saving your eyesight that would cause you to dump your Tablet?

Seriously though, it's an important piece of feedback for us on the team (at Microsoft, actually) to learn a) that people are switching away from our product(s); and b) why they switch. A lot has been said about why people switch OS's or why people switch browsers/ISPs, but I don't think much has been made of "why did you dump your Xbox for <console>", "why did you give up on your 'elite' keyboard" or "why did you dump your Tablet".

Thanks for the conciliatory note at the end Omar. There are a few models today that have really nice screens (e.g. Lenovo (IBM) X41, Motion's Le1600 with ViewAnywhere), but I understand your concern. I am glad that you at least considered replacing your m200 with another Tablet. You too should understand that there are people who greatly desire the thick plastic protective coating (e.g. me, when I bring a work Tablet home for the kids to play with) and might find the brighter screens too glare-prone the 85% of the time they're used indoors, under fluorescent lighting.  I truly am thankful for the variety of choices I have in the computing universe.

Readers: If you've read this far, you are a dedicated Tablet person.  If you've ever dumped a Tablet, or if you've never bought one, why? The Tablet OEMs do listen to feedback from us on the team, and any feedback you give now is likely to still be considered for the Vista wave of Tablets.