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December, 2005

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    December05 Vista CTP details

    Some notes for those of you who are going to be installing the December05 Windows Vista CTP. -Log bugs at the Microsoft Beta website; We have a team in place who will be reviewing bugs as they come in. (I am on this team) -Additional support is...
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    IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad Tablets on sale

    Wow. Link here . Makes me think that there is a refresh coming soon. How is the Windows Vista December 2005 CTP treating you? update 1/9/06: thanks Lora ! IBM x60 PC Mag preview article here
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    New or Used?

    Ha! Now that I've had half a minute to actually scan Lora's posts, I see she's posted regarding new vs used hardware. TDavid also wrote his two cents' worth. I have to weigh in (ha! a pun!) whenever hardware is discussed. The two situations Lora and...
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    ExpertZone chat Dec 7th

    Thanks everybody who participated in today's ExpertZone chat. FAQs for those who are new to this blog: I hear you're working on a Martian recognizer. When will the Martian recognizer be available? -- We cannot comment on unannounced recognizer...
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