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August, 2006

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    Community chat - it's maddening

    In my continuing efforts to understand my users' points of view, I am a member of the Connect Vista beta program. I get the same announcements that a lot of you get, such as today's Windows Anytime Upgrade chat announcement: Dear Longhorn / Windows...
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    Tablet PC Expert Zone chats *cancelled*

    I regret to inform the community that Microsoft has decided to cancel the monthly Tablet PC Expert Zone chats. I've really enjoyed participating, and answering your questions, no matter how, er, tangentially related to Tablet PCs they were. <grin>...
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    Future User Interfaces

    (this is a snip from an email conversation, it has been sanitized for external consumption) [We've] been seeing more and more of these multi-touch interfaces. Some use a screen digitizer like in this video, and some use a projector and camera. It seems...
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    Tablet PC Expert Zone chats

    I apologize to those of you who took the time to try to join the regularly scheduled Tablet PC Expert Zone chat. We have experienced some personnel issues (people changing roles) on both the Mobile PC/Tablet PC and Communities teams, so our Expert...
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