PHP Tools extend Visual Studio with the support for PHP code. The extension adds syntax highlighting, real-time checking of syntax errors, code outlining which makes it easier to understand code and navigation features, so that you can easily go to the required class or function.


PHP Tools for Visual Studio


PHP Tools extend Visual Studio with set of features to work more efficiently with PHP code.

Basic Features (FREE)

  • Syntax highlighting for PHP code and HTML outside of PHP tags.

  • Code outlining – Code collapsing for classes and functions.

  • Brace matching – Brace highlighting helps to quickly identify which braces belongs together to provide better overview over more complex functions and other structures.

  • Errors detection – Syntax errors are underlined in real time while coding to immediately see that something is wrong.  As well as error underlining the errors are displayed in Errors list with more details.

  • Navigation bar – To navigate quickly through your code you can see all the classes, functions, properties and constants declarations in top navigation bar in Visual Studio.


Download it from Visual Studio Extension Manager