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VS Add-ins, macros and Code Model

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    Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples now available

    The Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples are now available for download at It includes new samples for VS 2005 and samples updated to use the new VS 2005 .AddIn mechanism. Please...
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    Loading VS Add-ins from URL

    In Visual Studio 2005, managed add-ins are allowed to get loaded from a website as long as you enable it in Tools Options Add-in/Macros Security page and also fully trust the add-in assembly from the URL. To load an add-in from a URL, you need to: ...
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    VS Code Model events

    Users of the Code Model may be alerted of significant changes of code by listening for events with a CodeModelEvents object. The CodeModelEvents object is in EnvDTE80, you get it by casting DTE.Events to EnvDTE80.Events2 , e.g. in VB, it is like CType...
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    Code Model & its Interop with Text Editor Object Model

    The Visual Studio Code Model can be used to read and edit the structure of the code in a file. The model gives you the ability to interact with files from different langauges in a common way without parsing the code. With this model, an automation client...
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    Creating a ToolWindow hosting a .NET user control

    In previous version of VS, if you want to create a ToolWindow hosting a .NET user control by using Windows.CreateToolWindow , you'll have to use a shim control to support it. Now with VS 2005, you don't need the shim any more. It is so handy by using...
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    Displaying custom bitmap for VS add-in command button from satellite DLL

    Add-ins can get resources such as strings, icons, and bitmaps from satellite DLLs which separates resources from your add-in. The first time I tried to get add-in resources from its satellite DLL, I easily find out how to do it for resources like strings...
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