image Eight weeks ago, we launched HealthVault. Dr. Crounse, our worldwide industry director, uncovers how HealthVault is doing today in this great video. I've used HealthVault already to learn about Croup (ugh!).

Around 7:45 into the interview, Dr. Crounse asks a very important question: how is this different from generic search engines.

Around 10:45 you get to see a great demo application on what is possible with this new platform.

Around 14:45 we get to see how sharing happens with your doctor.

Around 17:35 principles of sharing and the platform.

Around 21:30 "crystal ball, projecting out 5-10 years."

P.S. Sean Nolan, the chief architect presenting during the video, talked to Roberto Ruggeri around the data model of HealthVault (additional details at the MSDN Center and the HealthVault Technical Blog).

HealthVault is a product from our Health Solutions Group; from the web site (emphasis mine):

The Health Solutions Group has a simple vision statement: To improve health, around the world. To achieve that vision, we are developing innovative solutions on both the enterprise and consumer sides of the healthcare equation – because healthcare is too complicated to be solved with a single approach. We are proud to be engaged in the creation of a business that can do well by doing good.

We'll have more in upcoming industry councils and our Health and Life Sciences Developer Conference in Atlantic City, April 22-24, 2008. See you there?